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Top 3 Factors in favour of Hiring Fresher's

  • There has always been a debate "Who is the best person to Hire- a fresher or a seasoned professional" - well the answer is it depends on the specific job role. With an attempt to lower down the average age of the organisation which itself defines the agility, adaptability and creativity of the organization the decision gets skewed more towards fresher’s. Job roles which involves creativity, speed, accuracy and are application oriented as compared to decision making needs the behaviour favors the fresher’s, the 3 most important factors that influence the hiring of fresher's are as below :

    1. Agility, Acuity, & Adaptability – As we age, although we gain experience and wisdom, we slowly get consolidated, typecast, rigid and firm into a particular mould.

    It is no revelation that young people are physically swifter, more supple, and energetic, their habits more flexible and their routines more malleable. Young people can quickly switch between different roles, think outside the box, apply lateral thinking and are quick to deploy interdisciplinary insights. They have keener senses and faster faculties of identification and processing.

    The working memory of fresher is yet to be loaded with thumb rules, working formulae and norms, and be eroded by the winds of mundane repetitivity. Hence, a fresher is ideal for innovation, quick delivery of tasks, and ground execution. Owing to their energy levels and their unadulterated zeal, fresher’s tend to be enthusiastic initiative takers, more competitive, and in general more active and proactive in meeting quantitative performance goals.

    Fresher’s can quickly and seamlessly transition between scenarios, are less susceptible to duress under a sudden change in status quo, and can cope better with disruptive change. They can ingeniously draw across disciplines with their creativity and lateral thinking and devise unorthodox approaches to a problem. They're more experimentative and ready to come up with novel unique solutions rather than stick to the formulaic, time tried-and-tested approach. Fresher’s always bring the ground connect and the youthful futuristic perspective to the table as they're individual involved stakeholders in any decision making more than the aged leadership.

    2. Low Pay, Less Distractions, and Less Demands – Most Fresher’s primarily seek one thing, experience. Learning the tricks of the trade. That's what the majority are after. Remuneration to most of them is little more than a sustenance provision plus incentive. Fresher’s often have fewer family-related problems to deal with and are less distracted in office hours by personal businesses and special interactions, such as a senior executive being engaged in a motivational talk. Fresher’s have lower healthcare and housing demands and can pull themselves through more challenging workdays owing to their fervour and robustness. Fresher’s carry fewer assumptions and are too uninitiated to exploit any potential loopholes or try to eke out special provisions from the company with ulterior vested interests. In other words, a company is less prone to employee manipulation or fraud when working with fresher’s as compared to seasoned managers and consultants, who might be able to explore and exploit such incongruities and inconsistencies as pernicious loopholes in contract, accidental slips in the company policy drafting, blackmailing, and so on. Fresher’s are unlikely to exert extra demands, assert made-up rights, demand special privileges, and have inflated, immovable egos, given how they are beginning to scale the ladder with the pans tipped against their favour. In other words, the Fresher’s have yet to taste the Adam Smith's Apple and thus make more reliable, less fussy employees.

    3. Diversity and Inclusivity – Fresher’s, hailing from a younger generation are bound to be a more diverse group than their predecessors and superiors, bring much-needed variety and novelty of perspective to the venture, keeping it attached to the contemporary in methods and the future in aims, and anchoring it with their down-to-earth practicality to prevent it from drifting into the dead waters of foolhardy traditionalist idealism. They bring new ideas and each of them reminds of a different constraint, giving a more symmetrical analysis of the world, key to creating pervasive ventures. Diversity brings a compounding synergy of innovation and also serves as a safeguard against monotonic groupthink blunders. It prevents the perpetration of biases, and in general fosters a more engaging, respectful, and comfortable workplace.
  • July 10, 2021  by biofie content team
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