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5 ways a Video Resume enhances your Job Application
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    A video resume has numerous advantages over a traditional text-based resume owing to its visual nature. A link to a short video introduction can be provided in the digital copy of the resume document itself. The recruiter can opt to navigate to the video file by clicking on this link. A video resume has a number of salient features that lend it an edge over the conventional textual resume :

    1. Being multidimensionally Informative – As the age-old adage goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and every second of a video is a series of frames. A video provides the viewer with many more explicit and implicit data points of various parameters and attributes and a higher-resolution, finer continuity of the same than its textual counterpart. It showcases multiple facets and attributes of a candidate’s proficiencies, presenting a well-rounded picture that helps the recruiter better ascertain their candidature.

    2. Foregoing the need for a Preliminary Interview – A visual resume helps bypass the need of having intermediary rounds in the selection procedure. Depending on one’s criteria, the video resume could supplement or replace the first interview round.

    3. Being Appealing & Captivating – Viewing a video is always a richer experience than reading a page, especially if one is short on time, which most top recruiters almost always are. It is taken for granted that no employer would spare more than a few seconds to preliminarily screen the applications for an average opening. Seeing a moving human form psychologically retain one’s attention much longer than facing blocks of inert, impassive text. Most of our lasting memory is auditory or pictorial than textual. A video thus has a more lasting impact due to a greater and more impressive exposure time. It is thus both more extensive as well as more intensive. Not only does a video more readily engross one and capture their attention sooner but also retains it longer. Our brain processes audio-visuals more readily, absorbing them as a sponge, whereas it takes a significantly higher level of focus to ingest textual information. Any viewer is less likely to lose interest or patience with a two-minute video resume than a five-page long document containing a similar amount of information. Put simply, a visual resume sits easier and more readily on the eyes and helps with the attention span of the reviewer.

    4. Oral Verbal Communication – In the contemporary business world, communication skills are paramount. Being able to effectively and impressively convey one’s ideas is imperative. Effective communication not only increases one’s chances of getting their pitches and proposals accepted by the other party but also creates efficient synergistic interactions and interpersonal bonding throughout their careers. A video resume enables the viewer to promptly judge various aspects of the candidate’s articulation skills, diction, and enunciation without much ado. Various aspects of one’s speech such as intonation, accent, word choice, lexical range, collocation, contextual appropriateness, poise, tonalities, etc. can be clearly perceived and judged from a short introductory video clip of the candidate.

    5. Non-Verbal Communication – One’s semiconscious and subconscious conduct speaks volumes about their true nature to the discerning eye. A keen recruitment manager can faithfully judge a candidate’s true self by their nonverbal communication, which unlike verbal communication, can seldom be readily manipulated or altered. Aspects of one’s conduct such as posture, gait, gestures, and poise can be read to discern a candidate’s general inclinations. A candidate’s confidence, ease, and comfort levels are quite perceptible in a video resume, adding to its comprehensiveness and transparency.
  • July 10, 2021  by biofie content team
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