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3 Major Reasons why "Corporate & Social Internship are a MUST"

  • Across sections and times there has always been a debate between the academic curriculum and its relevance in the present day working of an organisation. Academicians have always debated that the core/fundamentals of the subject do not change and it’s more about application of concepts and a bit of alignment of the acquired knowledge, whereas industry has always felt that there need is not being fulfilled by the existing academic infrastructure. More importantly at the core of all is the candidate who has high aspirations and dreams of having an impactful career in the industry does not get to understand why he is studying a subject that he is studying – its importance, relevance, application and outcome.

    The solution to the above is a real time social immersion where candidates get to know what society expects from them and at the same time it also acts as a good catalyst to align the an individual’s strength and desire with what is being offered. A corporate internship gives a preview of the future to the student, more importantly it helps the candidate to fix his goals in alignment with the industry expectations with his abilities and fulfill all the gaps if any before the completion of the course.

    1. Easing-In – Internships help ease a candidate into full-time job roles. They serve as vital liaisons between education and work, bridging the idealism of the former and the pragmatism of the latter. They help a candidate to gradually, smoothly, and evenly transition, without experiencing a sudden culture and virtue shock, from the classroom to the boardroom. This saves a lot of effort, time, resources, and trouble on part of both the candidate and their prospective employer over time spent in training. Internships provide prospective members of the workforce with much-needed real-world hands-on experience in a systematic, orderly, and convenient fashion. Corporate internships help professional job-seekers qualitatively familiarise themselves with the specific industry and in general condition themselves for the quantitative tolls and taxes of full-time work. Adopting a working regime and ethic and adapting to routines and schedules of full-time employment are processes that are best learnt slowly and steadily. Social internships connect one to the grassroot, helping in personal maturation and maturation of one’s worldview. They diversify the pursuer’s perspective and make them more sympathetic, humanistic, accommodative, inclusive and universal in their outlook.

    2. Realisation of the Value of Work – It is easy for a student to lose sight of the intricacies of ground-work when one is constantly surrounded by texts, tests, and lectures. Internships help moderate a learner’s armchair idealism and enable them to gain a better understanding of the applicability of theoretical learning to practical contexts. Internships helps one understand the necessity of probing practical nuances, making compromises, striking bargains, resolving real - world discrepancies, reconciling conflicting choices, and channelising one’s potential and ambition towards utilitarian, multidimensionally - viable ends. Working at a humble stipend helps young workers realise the worth of human work, the true value of remuneration and a source of livelihood, the redeeming quality of human labour and endeavour, and the innate satisfaction of a well-earned reward.

    3. Peer Learning – Human-to-Human learning that is learning by means of Interpersonal, group, and social interaction is a vital skill in today’s hyper-connected world. Pursuing an internship enriches one with diverse experience across the occupational spectrum. One can familiarise themselves with various job profiles within a sector or industry, or even across them during their training, exploration, and task completion. An intern typically uses a greater diversity of resources and works closer to the ground than an experienced higher-up employee and therefore experiences a greater work and interactive versatility. Internships are a fine opportunity for a candidate to develop their social skills in formal settings and refine their soft skills in various professional contexts, as well as learn the virtues of team-work and interpersonal-adaptability. Social internships expand empathy and further human sensitivity, consideration, and compassion by providing insight into a variety of milieus, niches, and lived-experiences, often widely differing from the ones that the learner has comfortably zoned into. Hence, corporate & social internships are an ideal means to foster synergistic and mutualistic potential in young and aspiring change makers.
  • July 10, 2021  by biofie content team
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