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5 reasons why Video Resumes are the future of Recruitment

  • Innovation in the technology sector is proliferating at a pace that is continually defying the innovators’ own expectations and predictions. It is no longer about speed but acceleration. Not one to be left-out in this breathless march towards perfection, the job search and recruitment sector is adapting to the data-driven landscape by digitalizing as well. Hyperlinking, AI-driven matchmaking, and incorporation of rich multimedia are the key components of this evolution. Resumes, the nucleus of any job application, are thus the centerpiece of this paradigm shift, becoming smarter with the passing day, to cater to the needs of the modern, bullet-paced candidate and recruiter. Let’s pour a glance at the advantages of having a digital video resume over a traditional one :

    1. Expressiveness – A biofie - video resume provides the candidate freedom to showcase their uniqueness, a broader playfield to tinker and improvise in. It widens the stage of their performance without making it imposing or exerting. With traditional resumes, even the slightest of extra information would likely be an excess. After all, it is tedious for any recruiter to go through an extra page of text. As is common knowledge, most recruiters even find having to read two full pages of normally-formatted text unbearable to read, on their tight schedules. They glance over the key headers in a few seconds and largely forego the elaboration in fine print, making it difficult for the nuanced details and unique specifications of a candidate to stand out and be sighted amidst the clutter of platitudes and repetitive formalities. But with a video resume, an articulate two-minute video can convey much more elaboration than five pages of reasonably unpalatable text, with manifold greater appeal and flair. If diversity, versatility, and vibrance are your desired key traits, either as a recruiter or a prospective recruit, video resumes are the way to go to distinguish yourself amid the crowd.

    2. Clarity – The digital resume offers an unprecedented level of clarity with its incorporation of an audio-visual element. The inclusion not only serves enriches the reader’s (read viewer’s) experience but, it spares little room for doubt or ambiguity. The viewer can perceive the hitherto impalpable aspects and attributes of a candidate in the first encounter itself, such as the various facets of their oral articulation and non-verbal communication. This facilitates accurate and efficient screening based on comprehensive judgement.

    3. Speed – The usage of a video resume drastically cuts down processing and screening time. It helps streamline the selection procedure by providing the recruiter a holistic overview of the prospective recruit and helps them form a much more well-rounded informed opinion of their candidature. Any scope for improvement is easier to perceive with the use of multimedia for expression. A minute or couple minute-long video file is much quicker to readily digest and adjudge one’s virtues and suitability upon, than cluttered, chunky blocks of banal text with scanty distinguishing saliencies. This fast-track flow channelization saves time for both the recruiter and the job-seeker, allowing more efficient and accurate matchmaking in general.

    4. Accuracy – The rise of Artificial Intelligence has fueled the growth of IT-driven services. Today, intelligent algorithms have rendered the role of human intermediaries superfluous, achieving near-perfect matchmaking of everything from advertisers-consumers and hotels-patrons to dates and suitors. If the strides in automation can enable us to better connect buyers to sellers and resorts to guests and tourists, why should the recruitment industry be left behind? As there are multiple parameters to analyze in a digital video resume and because these are organized in a readily-accessible and appealing manner, the implicit scrutiny process is rendered systematic. This prevents superficial-matching which frequently leads to myopic selections. When recruitment is done solely based on conventional resumes, there is a fair chance that a candidate who initially seems to be quite suitable gets hired, only to turn out to be unfit for the role in the long-run. Such shortsighted selection often leads to a lot of material and non-material losses for both sides. A digital resume enables the recruiter to view a multidimensional representation of a candidate at a glance. This faithful overview seldom betrays the true nature of the candidate and drastically improves long-term employer-employee fulfilment.

    5. Tech-Savviness – Notwithstanding the actual content of the video resume, the very fact that you chose one meta-conveys your commitment to modernity. It solidly drives home the point that you believe in staying updated and abreast with the cutting-edge and the state-of-the-art. It also reiterates your meticulousness, an important aspect of professionalism, by the mere virtue of your choice of including a video resume or opting for a full-fledged interactive digital resume. It is a step towards the future and manages to get you across to the employer as a forward-looking, farsighted candidate with a futuristic outlook and an initiative to go that extra step. Nothing in today’s recruitment scene speaks ‘avant-garde’ better than a video resume. Traditional resumes only give the recruiter a peek into your past, a video resume affords them a peek into the future.
  • July 10, 2021  by biofie content team
  • Written by biofie content team
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