Synergizing Minds & Delivering Happiness

The greatest, most sustainable happiness comes from understanding who you are and what you deserve. It’s our privilege to get the BEST FIT and deliver Happiness everyday.
Our Values
Honesty in dealings and maintaining Integrity in activities, processes and systems.
Recognizing people for their individual skills and knowledge and harnessing their potential for a symbiotic association.
Respecting the client needs and ensuring their issue are addressed forthwith.
Meticulous planning, thorough research and systematic collation of information to ensure full-proof, error-free, reliable testing products for one and all.
Why biofie
Biofie is an attempt to re-incarnate resumes and enhance the projection of an individual’s personality and skills. It is an aggregation of technology and physical facilities to provide a better profile match for the candidate with the jobs being offered. At the same time, it provides recruiters a first-hand feel of the candidate. The process leads to a BEST FIT scenario for both.
Biofie in Media
The features offered at has been communicated via digital and print media. A glimpse below: