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video resume
5 reasons why Video Resumes are the future of Recruitment
Video Resumes are the innovations of today and the necessities of tomorrow. Learn how the age-old resume document is turning smart.
video resume
Crafting the Perfect Resume: 7 Essential Tips for Success
Creating a resume that highlights your personality is your first step towards landing your dream job.
video resume
5 reasons why employers are preferring Video Resume
Learn why the video resume is the next big thing in recruitment and why it is here to stay. Be future-ready for your job applications.
5 Most important Factors for recruiters
As a recruiter, know what to look for to swiftly land the right match, best suit, and perfect fit candidate. Learn what makes an employer tick!
3 reasons why "Corporate & Social Internship are a MUST"
Internships are the stepping stones to success. Learn how to scale the corporate and leadership ladders.
Time Management technique for increased Efficiency
Learn how to best invest the most valuable currency and redistribute your apportionment of the universal resource to maximize productivity.
work place
Necessary ethics at work place
Ethics is the mortar that binds together the edifice of efficiency. Learn how to best behave at your second home.
hiring freshers
3 benefits of Hiring Fresher's
Know how you can tap into young bundles of potential and harness the unbridled energy and enthusiasm of the youth.
common Mistakes during an Interview
5 common Mistakes during an Interview
Familiarize yourself with some common pitfalls in the interview process and know how to avoid them and grab the job you are looking for.
describe yourself
How to answer "Describe Yourself"
We cannot see our faces, so it is important to hold up a mirror, that’s precisely what this article helps you do, in the interview chamber.
neuro psychological test
Neuro Psychological Test – the future
Intelligence is what makes sense of the information. Information without bias is what Neuro Psychological test aims at to find the best in you.
implicit association tests
IATs- Implicit Association Tests – the future
Learn how detecting and eliminating implicit biases with IATs can help humans stay relevant, efficient, and in control.