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Comprehensive Platform

One Comprehensive platform for Institutions, Employers and Students for Campus Jobs, Projects & Internships.

Personality Enabled Video Profiles

The personality and Skills of each candidate on campus gets embedded with their personal factsheet.

AI powered Job Match and Search

55+ point checklist for the BEST FIT with %wise job- candidate match categorised institution-wise.

Enhanced Outreach

The platform compliments with the institutional process and increases the outreach of the campus process.

Integrated Test and Self Assessment Platform

A ready platform for students to take campus recruitment MOCK tests and also assess personal interview performance.

Intelligent & Powerful Dash Board

An interactive real time dash board for Campus Scheduling, allotment & activation of biofie and tracking student placements.
Campus Placements with biofie is FAST & EASY
Step 1 : Register and create an Institutional profile
Fill in the college details along with the highlights of each participating branch and the institutional profile automatically gets created.
Attach a video of the institution for brand building and establishing a better connect with the corporate.
Step 2 : Students biofie - video profile creation
Register student’s branch wise and allot them their biofie credentials.
Students to create their video profiles highlighting their skills and achievements using the powerful AI driven resume editor.
Student to highlight their interest for jobs, projects or internship. They can pick any or all they need.
Students can use the in-built platform to practice for Aptitude Test, Technical tests and Psychometric Tests.
Step 3 : Corporate Connect
Get % wise mapped profiles segregated by our powerful AI Match Finder.
Use 55+ parameters to Search the BEST FIT from the database.
Large effective pool of candidates
Watch the video profiles before you shortlist.
Biofie ensures a time saving, efficient process for all

Increase your OUTREACH – with Biofie Campus Solutions

Biofie – Campus Recruitment Solutions
The video resumes of candidates are a great showcase tool of the available talent.
Candidates are connected automatically with all the companies on biofie platform with campus based requirements.
The biofie outreach team works with these video resumes to increase views of the candidates profile helping to a build brand for current and future placements.
Colleges can download the video resume and send it to participating companies for a better showcase of strengths and skills.

Highlight each student with biofie video resume

Biofie – algorithms highlights each individual’s suitability for the required positions and are then categorised institution wise.
The attached personal introduction video highlights the skills of each candidate along with other facts and figures giving the resume the required personality.
Recruiters get to know their candidates lot better with biofie during the screening process.

Be campus ready with biofie self assessment campus test preparation

Appear for topic tests, Aptitude Test, Technical test and others on biofie.com and be better prepared for the final Round.
The databank of the frequently asked questions further help you to be better prepared for interviews.

Real time updates & integrated Communication channels

Real time updates on Applications and shortlist acceptance.
In-built CONNECT module for establishing an easy connect with candidate and employers for all shortlisted profiles.

24 X 7 Helpline and Dedicated Relationship Managers to guide you at every step

24 X 7 mobile and email helpline to handle all your technical and usage queries.
Special relationship Manager services are available to guide you with placements.
Now industry CONNECT for campus placements is FAST & EASY with biofie tools and services
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