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Multiple Industry approved Resume Formats to select from
AI powered DIY formats
Open Editors to express your creativity
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Multiple Industry approved Resume Formats to select from
Content Edits (one time) by biofie Experts from IIMs, XLRI and SP Jain with 15+ years industry experience.
Resume Edits for enhanced ATS Compliance
Resume Format Selection Assistance
Unlimited Downloads. DIY format for self edits
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Personalized Consultation on content by biofie experts from IIMs, XLRI and SP Jain with 15+ years industry experience. Assistance to build on resume from scratch
Job Specific modification & ATS Compliance personalized Advisory
Multiple ATS friendly templates to choose from
Resume Design by experts for optimal look and effectiveness based on Personality and Job Requirements
DIY format for self edits
Unlimited Downloads

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1) How will a professionally written resume help me?

    It’s not that hiring managers are intentionally cruel. It’s just that they’re deluged with hundreds of resumes for each job posting. So, the resume-scanning software called ATS (Application Tracking System) helps them narrow down the list. The software is designed to read the keywords on your resume and then search for the same keywords in the job description. If there aren’t enough keywords from your resume, your application is automatically eliminated. This is where a professionally written resume comes into picture.

    Are you a job seeker who feels your resume is holding you back from getting that dream job? Are you a job seeker who aims to increase shortlists for your resume? Our Resume Writing experts can help you attract the attention of employers by making you stand out from the crowd with your resume. Our expert resume writers can help you optimize an existing resume or create a completely new and customized resume to help you achieve your goals. When you work with biofie's resume writing service, you’re investing in a quicker job search and a more fruitful and satisfying career. To have job search success, your resume has to appeal to both the ATS and the hiring manager — or else you risk getting lost in the “resume black hole”, where your job application is dismissed without even consideration. Our Resume Writing’s experts can help you attract the attention of employers by making you stand out from the crowd with your resume. Our professional resume writers can help you optimize an existing resume or create a completely new and customized resume to help you achieve your goals.

  • Q2) What is the overall process for resume writing service?

    Once you place an order via our website for the resume writing package, you will be mailed the confirmation of your order via email, along with an option to upload your existing resume, and or answer a few questions via the form. Within 24 hrs. you will receive a call to discuss in detail about your aspirations and insights to write a resume about you. Within 48 hrs. you will receive the first draft via email. Once you approve, all formats of your CV will be emailed to you.

  • Q3) Who writes or reviews my resume?

    Your Resume will pass through multiple checks, by 1) HR managers 2) Industry experts and our algorithms where ATS score, and basic score will be generated via feedback from previous rounds. After both these reviews a finalised analysis will be developed across multiple aspects of your resume and will be mailed to you.

  • Q4) What is the money back guarantee?

    If you are not satisfied with your resume, you can ask for a full refund of the payment by mailing at support@biofie.com

  • Q5) How many edits I can have on my resume?

    While we have a track record that 90% of the resume don’t need edits, should you feel some items need revision you are entitled for one more edit.

  • Q6) What will be discussed in the call with the biofie team once I buy the package?

    When you receive a call, your resume coordinator will discuss with you about your profile, your career incitements and key elements about your personality that your resume needs to highlight. If there is anything that is required from your form those questions will also be discussed. This all will allow the resume writers to tie your personality traits clearly along your resume.

  • Q7) What is the Qualifications of the writers of biofie team?

    We have a network of industry specialist across multiple fields, HR leaders and managers who are associated with biofie. Your resume is reviewed and written by these professionals.

  • Q8) Will my resume by ATS complaint, if it is written by a human?

    100% yes, your resume will be compliant with ATS by all means. Your resume is read by a human while ATS as a system is designed to filter out non relevant candidates, Our Resume writing service covers to address both these aspects where a Humanly written resume is Passed through ATS to make all aspects of checks be done and then delivered to you. This ensures your resume not only passes the ATS but also addresses the eyes of the recruiter.

  • Q9) Will LinkedIn optimisation be also covered in resume writing service?

    While the Resume writing service will give you an idea of things to be highlighted on your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn optimization can be bought as an add on service to ensure complete benefit of the service.

  • Q10) How is biofie resume writing service different when there are other resume writing service in the market?

    There are multiple service providers in the market, but what differentiates us is our capability to get your resume written by Industry leaders and top HR professionals. such professionals are extremely hard to find to dedicate their time in helping candidates build their resume, with Biofie association we have them as our champions in our mission. The Final Resume is written by humans, and we ensure it passes all ATS checks comfortably. This allows us to keep our clients deliveries to a top-notch level and land them multiple interviews.